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132th and 133th International Feline Exhibition was celebrated in Olympia Hotel, Events & Spa

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42987686_2023928834326190_5013088271727591424_oASFE, Spanish Feline Association celebrated the 132th and 133th
Intenational Feline Exhibition on September 15th and 16th. In this show,
breeders and cat lovers met to expose the best races and varieties of this
That exposition took place in our Meeting Rooms for Conventions, where
they had a large space to make the exhibition, with all the neededs and
equipment necessary.
Recently, we have renovated all of our spaces, with a new ambient,
modern, elegant and minimalist. We offer large capacity rooms for all
types of celebrations and events: Meetings, Conventions, Business
Dinners, Celebrations, all of them full equipped for any technical need.

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