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Dear Olympia Grupo Customers,

From March, our accommodations, have been closed following the Spanish Government recommendations during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The de-scalation period has started, and we are going to reopen our stablishments gradually and safely, accomplishing with all the safety and hygiene protocols that Health Service establishes

Reopening Dates:

Olympia Hotel Universidades: 18/05

Olympia Hotel Ronda I: 18/05

Olympia Ronda Hostel: 18/05

Soon, we will announce the reopening dates for Olympia Hotel, Events & Spa and Olympia Ronda II.

We are working to adapt each hotel to the safety measures to offer a comfortable and safe stay for our guest.

Measures implemented
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If you have a reservation, and you won’t be able to travel in these dates, don’t cancel it. You can postpone your reservation from our website. Postpone it without definitive dates, from intranet website.

At the end of each hotel web, you will find: My Booking.

Introduce the Reservation Code and PIN Code that you received in the confirmation email you received when you made your reservation.

We are adapting our hotels to offer the best experience.

Thanks for staying with Olympia Grupo. We wait for you